Unlimited possibilities within your reach

Start building your crypto portfolio today with multiple fiat and cryptocurrency offerings. Not only we have old favorites like Bitcoin and Ethereum but also new token for your discovery.

Liquid Easy-to-use UI

Fast deposits

Fiat deposits only take minutes. As soon as you connect your bank account on Liquid and deposit, you can use AUD to buy assets like BTC and ETH and fund your margin trading activities.

Liquid Zero Deposit Fees

No hidden fees

Liquid provides fuss-free fiat deposits. Enjoy zero fees for when you deposit through your connected bank account on Liquid.

Liquid Secure Platform

Secure platform

As a regulated and audited fintech company, the security of your funds is our top priority. Trade your way with a peace of mind.

Fund your margin trades with AUD

Power up your margin trading strategies with multiple fiat funding options including AUD, highly liquid orderbooks for BTC and ETH and up to 25x leverage.

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Earn interest on your funds as you HODL

Enjoy daily interest on your AUD or crypto lending. Your funds are completely safe and you will be returned your loan in full.

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Let our Liquid Customer Champions help you with any questions you might have. We are ready 24/7 to guide you through.