Dive in into a pool of infinite possibilities.

Liquid supports various internationally used fiat currencies, for purchases of established digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ripple. Our platform also simplifies the buying process, so join us now to get started.

Liquid Easy-to-use UI

Fast deposits

Simply connect your bank account to your Liquid account and make a SGD deposit to get started. With an SGD balance you can buy XRP and fully utilize our intuitive platform to buy XRP and other CryptoAssets.

Liquid Zero Deposit Fees

No hidden fees

Capitalise on our zero fees when depositing and trading SGD on Liquid. Trade digital assets in SGD to avoid paying more than you should.

Liquid Secure Platform

Secure platform

The safety of your funds and data are of paramount importance to us. We are a regulated and audited crypto company and customer security is in our DNA.

Leverage your SGD with margin trading

Liquid offers up to 25x leverage and orderbooks that offer high liquidity for CryptoAssets paired against fiat currencies. Finance your margin trading with SGD for maximum flexibility.

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Create passive income by lending your assets.

Our lending platform enables you to loan your SGD to earn interest with peace of mind that your funds will always be returned entirely to the lender and is completely safe.

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Round the clock support

Our Liquid Customer Champions are available 24/7 for support. Reach out to contact us whenever. Alternatively, you can also find answers to many questions in our Help Center.