Quoinex and Qryptos
are now Liquid.

Now marks the beginning

Liquid provides a seamless flow between the worlds of traditional finance and cryptocurrencies. The launch of Liquid is the culmination of hard work, customer insights, and deep domain knowledge. The Liquid platform is intuitive and feature-rich for beginners and professionals alike.

Liquid means liquidity.

Liquid’s order matching is powered by the World Book, an under-the-bonnet engine that provides traders with enhanced price discovery.

Just sign in as normal

Anyone with an existing Qryptos or Quoinex account will automatically become a Liquid account holder.

All your funds are completely safe and are being migrated to Liquid automatically.

Just sign in with your Qryptos or Quoinex credentials, and use the same 2-Factor Authentication code to access your account once the maintenance period is complete.

If you have any questions, please read our FAQ below.

Thank you and stay tuned for more. 🙏

Frequently Asked Questions

Quoinex and Qryptos will undergo a major maintenance event in order to roll out the Liquid platform. Both exchanges will be under maintenance for up to 24 hours before Liquid can go live.
Qryptos and Quoinex will go into maintenance mode at 10:00am GMT+8 (2:00am UTC | 11:00am JST) on Tuesday, 4 September. It is currently estimated that this will last for up to 24 hours before the launch of Liquid.
If you have an account on Qryptos or Quoinex, you’ll be able to log into Liquid using the same credentials and same 2FA. As soon as we go live, you’ll be in. Watch Twitter and Telegram for updates.
Your funds truly are safe with us. All your balances will be moved from Qryptos and Quoinex and will show up in your brand new Liquid account right away.
All open limit orders on Qryptos are now closed. On Quoinex, limit orders older than two months have been closed. All live open positions have been suspended, but could be closed out once Liquid launches and trading resumes due to moves in the market.
Your Quoinex wallet addresses will be ported over to Liquid along with Qryptos wallet addresses for currencies that aren’t on Quoinex. If you have accounts on Quoinex and Qryptos for the same currency, like Bitcoin for example, your new Liquid wallet address will be the Quoinex one.
The best thing to do will be to log on to Liquid.com as soon as it’s ready and double check your wallet addresses so you can update your records and any places you may have them saved.
Yes. Everything that was on Qryptos and Quoinex will be on Liquid.
Yes, but with some exceptions. Countries previously excluded from our platforms due to being on the FATF high risk list will still be excluded. US customers won’t have access to fiat pairings and Japanese customers will only have access to currencies and services approved by the Japan Financial Services Agency, basically the same as what was on Quoinex JP before.
API traders will go through the same process as others: the exchanges will be offline for 24 hours and you should not deposit 48 hours before the switch. Balances will be safely migrated along with the other users.
If you are trading through the API on Quoinex you should be able to still do exactly what you were doing before using api.quoine.com. We will introduce a new API in the near future.
If you are a Qryptos API trader, you will also continue to use api.qryptos.com when Liquid goes live, but you should make sure that you are properly trading the correct market. We anticipate issues may occur where there are markets on both Quoinex and Qryptos that are merging.
When Liquid goes live, please carefully check the API is doing what you expect it to do.