Trading Fee Rebate
(Until Futher Notice)

With effect from 1 April 2019 00:00 (UTC) a variable rebate of trading fees (“Rebate”) is made available to users at the trading fee rebate rates indicated in the table set out below.

The Rebate will accrue regardless of fees being paid in Legal Tender, Digital Assets or QASH.

The Rebate will be credited to each user’s Liquid account in QASH.

Rebate subject to change or withdrawal at Quoine discretion.

User’s total trading volume for current month (USD equivalent)Trading fees rebate rate
Less than USD 25,000,0000.000%
At least USD 25,000,000 but less than USD 50,000,0000.005%
At least USD 50,000,000 but less than USD 100,000,0000.010%
At least USD 100,000,000 but less than USD 200,000,0000.020%
At least USD 200,000,000 but less than USD 1,000,000,0000.035%
At least USD 1,000,000,0000.050%

Liquidation Trading Fees

Additional liquidation trade fee-

The additional liquidation trade fee is payable in addition to trading fees when positions are liquidated on behalf of a user.

Summary of All Fees

Trading feeOrder fee; 50% discount if paid in QASH0.10%
Additional liquidation trade feeAdditional fee for trades executed by way of liquidation-
Fee on loan interestLoan interest fee50% of interest amount (loan and margin)
Deposit feeFee to deposit Digital Assets0%
Fiat withdrawal feeFee to withdraw fiat
  • USD: 0.10% of withdrawal amount (minimum fee of 15 USD)
  • SGD: 0.10% of withdrawal amount (minimum fee of 15 SGD)
  • EUR: 0.10% of withdrawal amount (minimum fee of 15 EUR)
  • AUD: 0.10% of withdrawal amount (minimum fee of 15 AUD)
  • HKD: 0.10% of withdrawal amount (minimum fee of 100 HKD)
  • JPY: 0.10% of withdrawal amount (minimum fee of 1500 JPY)

All payment processor charges (processing banks and any intermediaries) will be borne by user
For details please visit Liquid Help Center
Fiat deposit feeFee to deposit fiatPayment processor charges will apply.
For details please visit Liquid Help Center

Liquid Infinity Financing Fees

Liquid Infinity financing feeFinancing fees for Infinity and CFD products

This is floating fee and subject to change at company discretion.

Margin Trading Interest Rate & Interest

Interest RateExplanationRate/Amount
Margin Trading InterestInterest Rate & Interest
  • Minimum 0.001%
  • Maximum 0.070%

Interest rate for margin trading is decided by the lender.