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Quickly integrate a flexible cryptocurrency gateway to offer swaps on your mobile and web platforms leveraging Liquid's exchange liquidity.
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Liquid prohibits wash trading. Liquid will provide preferential fees for designated Market Making accounts that provide liquidity in a transparent and fair manner.

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Frequently asked questions

The listing fee is identified during our due diligence process and quoted after our Risk Management Committee meeting.
First, Liquid and the token issuer sign an MNDA and submit the due diligence form. Second, we schedule an introductory call to learn more about each other and set expectations. All projects are required to provide a whitepaper, Singapore legal opinion, and smart contract audit. We require the projects to obtain a Singapore legal opinion to comply with the regulatory environment (Liquid is in the process of applying for the Digital Payment token license under the Payment Service Act, and need all the tokens to comply with this legal requirement).
Usually, it takes up to 2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project.
Liquid requires a token issuer to provide a 10,000 USD non-refundable deposit after signing a listing agreement. Once it is confirmed by our token listing review committee and we establish the listing day, we require the rest of the listing fee to be paid to Liquid in order to proceed with the listing onboarding process.
Depending on the token protocol type and complexity. Usually, ERC-20 takes less than a week to integrate. Any other protocol might take around 4-6 weeks.
We can collaborate with token issuers to determine the most appropriate marketing initiatives for their project, such as blogs, social media, newsletters, AMA, trading competitions, and others.
Liquid requires all tokens that are listed on Liquid to onboard a third-party market making firm. We are able to provide a competitive maker/taker fees for your market making firm.
Some of the top countries by users are: China, South Korea, South Africa, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Australia.
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