• marginMargin trading on the go

    Liquid empowers you with the advanced margin trading options you want, wherever you are. Open positions straight from your smartphone. Take complete control with up to 25x leverage.

  • tradeNever miss another trade

    Liquid Pro’s essential portfolio management tools mean you’ll never miss another trading opportunity. Track your positions, monitor your trades and react to market swings instantly, in real-time.

  • powerfulAdvanced charts. Deep insights.

    Lazer in on killer trading opportunities like never before possible on a mobile device. Use our pro charting tools with mobile-optimized indicators like MACD, RSI and Bollinger bands.

  • real timePowerful mobile trading experience

    Get the full power of Liquid in the palm of your hand. We designed Liquid Pro from the ground up to give you the best immersive trading experience, right on your mobile device. Smooth, stable and optimal performance – wherever you go.

Never Miss Another Market Movement

Take command of your portfolio now with the Liquid Pro app.

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