Quick Exchange for your business

Integrate a flexible API or widget to offer buying, swapping, and payments
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2 Simple ways to integrate

Simply plug and play. Integrating Quick Exchange is simple and free. We’re here to help, every step of the way. Contact our Quick Exchange team [email protected] .
Embed our simple widget

Copy/paste and off you go

Acquire new users with a simple UX

Customize your currencies, spread, and revenue share

Widget Documentation
Integrate our B2B API

Customize your experience

Facilitate crypto swaps across different protocols

Enable crypto payments with low volatility risk

B2B API Documentation

Level up your platform

Whatever your business, QEX can help you use cryptocurrency, generate additional revenue, and add to your product offerings.
Instantly buy and swap

Users can purchase crypto using their bank card or easily swap any crypto assets on Liquid.

Low cost

Customers never pay more than they should due to our highly competitive fee structure.

Low Friction KYC

Our easy KYC process keeps your customers in your ecosystem.

More currencies

Liquid has more than 150+ currencies that can be swapped for any other asset using Quick Exchange, excluding fiat to fiat conversions.

Fiat access

Your customers can swap fiat and crypto in one place.


Secure and fast service levels using Liquid’s MPC technology.

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Low Friction KYC

Our easy KYC onboarding process keeps your customers in your ecosystem.

Refer QEX & earn 20%

Contact our team to become a QEX Affiliate and earn up to 20% commission for every business you refer.
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Key Features
Fiat on-ramp/off-ramps
Low minimum purchase/sell size
($10 compared to competitors $50)
Ability to process large order sizes at reasonable rates
(We've seen Liquid users process 4 BTC on Quick Exchange)
User flexible ability to lock rate for up to 2 minutes.
Low friction KYC
Full white-label widget and public API available
Offer a better rate for the end user
Your business earns extra revenue
Low fees
(Maximum 200 bps)

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